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Roof Repairs for Homes and Businesses

Roof repairs can be necessary due to issues or events beyond ones control and sometimes they could have been prevented all together. Most people don’t realize they need any type of roof repair until a leak takes place. Roof leaks themselves are not to costly but if the problem continues significant damage can occur to your property. This additional damage is likely to exceed the cost of the initial repair.

Protecting your building from the top down is very important. The roof of any commercial building is its first line of defense from elements such as rain, wind, fire, hail and heat. Along with that it is also the most vulnerable due to the fact it is exposed at all times to these conditions when they are present. Every day your roof will encounter some of these and this will cause your roof to deteriorate, and for possible problems to occur.

Common causes for roof repairs

  • Neglected Roof
  • Wind Damage
  • Hail Damage
  • Flashing Problems
  • Improper Design

signs of a roof problem

Signs of roof problems can be noticed from the inside of your building as well as the outside. Water stains on the ceilings may indicate a leak, even the smallest leak can lead to major problems. So it is very important to repair any issues when you first notice them. If your building starts to have any odors or noticeable mold anywhere this may also involve a leak.
Routine inspections are a good idea to making sure your roof is in proper order. If you do notice any issues on the inside or outside of your building, get in contact with a roofing contractor before the problem becomes worse.

Inspect and maintain your roof regularly

A good thing to do is to regularly inspect your roof thoroughly as often as you can. The earlier you spot any type of damage the cheaper the repair will be. If you can’t climb on your roof easily to inspect it, then try to inspect it with a good pair of binoculars from the ground. There are a few key things to look for:

  • Look at shingles for any blister, curled or split areas
  • Are there any loose or missing shingles
  • Notice if any nails are exposed, this could indicate a leak
  • If you notice any rusty metal areas
  • Ponding water on the roof
  • Bubbles in any area of rooftop
  • Gaps in the roof flashing
  • Tears in the roof cover