The Roofing Company you can trust! Call for a free estimate

The Roofing Company you can trust! Call for a free estimate

Superb Roofing for Your Business

The appearance of your building speaks volumes to your customers. When you a have a deteriorating roof and needed repairs are noticeable, its time to look for a commercial re-roofing company in Fort Myers. Nastar Roofing has been helping business owners throughout SW Florida for many years. We provide all types of roofing services and can have your business storefront looking brand new again.

In SW Florida we experience high temperatures and heavy rainfalls throughout the year. Nastar Roofing takes many factors into consideration when we begin construction on any roof. We look at budget, weather, occupancy of the building, design and slope etc. Our certified technicians know exactly how to handle your project from beginning to end. Commercial buildings are often built with a flat roof system which is much different than a shingle roof. With all the different options that can be used for your building from materials to design, we are here to assist in every step.

Look for signs you need to re-roof your Commercial Building

  • Leaks: If you notice any leaks in your roof especially in multiple areas
  • Sagging Roof: If you notice any areas in your roof that are sagging, this is a very important sign. One heavy rainfall and this area could collapse into your building.
  • Sunlight: If you notice sunlight shining through the top of your ceiling
  • Spotted areas: If you notice spotted areas on your ceiling, this is usually when water has built up in those areas
  • Shingle Deterioration: If you notice large areas that show buckling of shingles
  • Gutters: When your gutters are not functioning properly is a warning sign to replace them and avoid major repairs

Learn More about Roof Types

If your commercial building has any of these warning signs, call Nastar Roofing. Our certified commercial re-roof team is here to help. Many times it is more cost effective to replace and re-roof a building rather than constantly doing repairs.