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The Roofing Company you can trust! Call for a free estimate

Metal Roofing – Great Looks and Long Life

Today metal roofs are gaining more popularity in new homes and the re-roof market.  Metal roofs last longer than traditional shingle roofs and this can add value.  It is unlikely you will need to replace your metal roof because of age or damage from the usual elements.  It is also much easier to upgrade the look of your house with a metal roof because a metal roof will typically weigh less than a traditional shingle roof.  These features and more are why many architects are using metal roofs in their new residential and commercial projects.  Many homeowners and business owners consider a metal roof the most attractive type of roof on the market.

Benefits of a metal Roof

As an experienced metal roofer we will share some of the benefits of a metal roof

  • Increased lifespan – at least 40 years
  • Resistance to fire, wind and hail – always to Florida Code
  • Light weight – easily upgrade your shingle roof
  • Energy efficiency – reflective technology
  • Environmentally friendly – uses recycled materials
  • Appearance – many colors and styles available

Types of Metal Roofs

Vertical seam panel roofs are the most common type of metal roof. Sometimes this is referred to as 5-V. Another type of metal roof is prepainted interlocking panels. This type of metal roof is growing in popularity in the residential roofing market. Metal roofs can also be made to look like more traditional roofing types. There are metal shingles and metal tiles. Both of these options provide the look of a more traditional roofing type while also providing the benefits of a metal roof. Nastar Roofing has significant experience as a metal roofer. Allow us to help you choose and install your next roof.

Metal Colors

There is a wide variety of colors that are available. Here in SW Florida with our intensive sun light it is better off to choose a lighter color because lighter colors reflect the sun light better than darker ones and can help lower your A/C cost during the summer…

Don’t be fooled by Metal Roofing Myths

Myth #1 – Metal roofs attract lightning strikes

There is no proof that metal roofing causes any increased risk of lighting strikes. When a metal roof DOES get struck by lightning, the electrical current is dampened by spreading the electrical current out over the roof’s surface. Additionally, metal roofs will stand no chance of igniting and causing a fire if struck by lightning.

MYTH #2 – Metal roofing is louder during summer rains

This common misconception is based on antiquated metal roofing techniques typically used for barns. These roofs had nothing to insulate the sound produced by the impact of rain. Modern metal roofs are installed over plywood, solid sheathing or your existing roof. This innovation allows metal roofs to suppress the noise generated by rain drops colliding with your roof. Onestudy even suggests that the noise levels of metal roofs and other roofing materials during storms are comparable.

MYTH #3 – Metal roofs are more expensive

Actually, the more costly roofing system are asphalt shingle roofing systems because they require more repairs and more maintenance over their functional lifespan than a metal roof. Metal roofs can also  reduce your cooling bills during summertime up to 50% while increasing your home’s market value. When installed by a licensed professional, a metal roof can last a lifetime.

MYTH #3 – Metal roofs rust easily

Modern metal roofing is fabricated in a way that there is no real concern of rust and oxidation. Steel roofing is designed with a coating of zinc or aluminum, which is bonded to the steel.  In addition, specially designed primers and paints are applied to the roof that serve as an added safeguard that prevent rust from occurring. These paints come in virtually every color and can satisfy the particular taste of any homeowner.

MYTH #5- Metal roofs Are easily dented

Today’s metal roofing systems are designed to withstand the abuse of extreme weather and daily exposure to the elements without failure. The impact of hail storms is typically not enough to dent metal roofs. Moreover, wind damage should not be a concern either because contemporary metal roofing standards dictate that metal roofs be capable of withstanding winds of up to 155 mph. In fact, metal roofs stand up to the strain of hurricanes better than any other roofing system. It is not uncommon for our roofers to see an undamaged metal roof neighboring several roofs that have had their shingles removed after a hurricane or severe storm.